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In 2011 BT wrote to Send Parish Council to advise them that the Phone Box at the Send parade of shops was rarely used and that they would be removing the phone equipment.  However, SPC were offered the option to keep the kiosk on payment of a token £1.  BT would continue to provide electric light but the use of the box and its future maintenance were to be SPC's responsibility.

The council members voted 5 to 4 in favour of adoption the kiosk.  Somemembers felt the space would be more useful as additional parking for the shops.

In March 2012, a team of 10 volunteers began the restorationof the kiosk, which was in a dreadful condition. SPC provided funding of £500 (which has been offset by paid advertisements on the back wall).  By August 2012, the team had finished their work and the first community exhibit (about the restoration project) was installed. 

The Phone Box was officially opened by the then Mayor of Guildford, Cllr Jennifer Jordan, in October.  You may know this woman as an ex-Geograpy teacher at George Abbot School.  She was in her second term of office as Mayor and this opening was a first for her!  She also took the opportunity to visit Send recreation ground with the SPC Clerk, Debbie Hurdle and expressed her admiration for what she found there.

This blog, kept by team member David, tracks the progress of the kiosk restoration from March 2012 and the community exhibits inside up to August 2014.


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