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Local Environment

We are lucky in Send to live in a rural environment which most people who replied to the Parish Plan questionnaire in 2006 thought it was important to keep rural.

The River Wey navigation (part river and part canal)provides opportunities for many activities including boating, walking and cycling along the towpath.

Wey Navigaton

Environmental News

There is fishing in the Wey and also in the ponds where the old sandpits used to be, and sailing on nearby Papercourt Lake. (See the Local Directory page for details of Send Angling Society and Papercourt Sailing Club).

The most visible wildlife is probably the rabbits, followed by foxes which are often seen crossing the main roads in Send at night. Deer can also be seen from the towpath when walking towards Triggs Lock from the direction of the New Inn. There is plentiful bird life including the occasional kingfisher near the Cartbridge, woodpeckers and grebes on the ponds. Parakeets are now naturalised in this area. You can hear their parrot like screeching then spot their bright green plummage!  More about local Garden Life here.

West Surrey Natural History Society meets monthly in Ripley Village Hall at 8.00 pm on the fourth Thursday of the month. Contact Jean Croucher on 01483 223630 for the programme of indoor and field meetings covering all aspects of wildlife and the natural world.

Surrey Wildlife Trust, with headquarters in Pirbright near Woking, is a registered charity and the only organisation concerned solely with the conservation of all forms of wildlife in Surrey. They are responsible for over 80 sites in Surrey, covering 9000 hectares of the county's countryside. These sites include Papercourt Meadows and Papercourt Marshes (part of the Papercourt Site of Special Scientific Interest) in or close to Send. SWT has also run working parties in the woods outside St Bede's School and given advice on the management of that area.

SWT offers an extensive programme of walks, talks and events, open to members and non-members alike. For more information visit their website at  You could also voluneer to help at Papercourt Marshes, and get to see a site with very restricted access.

Bush Lane Woods


Bush Lane woods - SWT have organised working groups in the area outside the entrance to the old St Bede's School, and provided advice on management to the Parish Council.  The guiding groups have been involved working here during Send tidy-ups since 2010.

SWT has also catalogued all of the wild species at the Villages Medical Centre wetland area.

Heath Field


Heath Field - the area off Sanger Drive with its boardwalk around the pond needs regular work to keep it looking good. Working parties are organised with the support of GBC, and Send scouts have helped with working parties. This is of mutual benefit as it helps them towards earning badges. 

In 2010, fencing went up to keep in cows that periodically grazed on the area in order to manage it better.  The cows no longer visit.

Since 2013, attempts have been made to kill off the crassula weed; in 2018, these are still ongoing.  The other predominant invasive species is himalayan balsam, which spreads very quickly and overwhelms native wildflowers and grasses.

The area has information boards on display.


Send Gardening Society holds bi-monthly meetings in the Church Rooms. Contact Robert Harding-Payne by email

Allotments are available in Send for a modest fee. Please contact the Parish Clerk for details.

Planning applications for Send parish are available on the Planning Applications page of this website; or  for a wider area, see Guildford Online Planning Applications. Here you can search for Send/Ripley or select Send Parish for local planning applications.



There are no recycling bins located in the village itself. The nearest recycling facilities are at Sainsbury's in Burpham or at the local tip site in Woking.  There are also extensive recycling facilities at Slyfield on the edge of Guildford. More information is available in the "How To" page.

Page last updated: 2 March, 2018