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GBC Local Plan

11 November 2017


According to Get Surrey, the online version of the Surrrey Ad

'There will be "no major changes" in the Guildford Local Plan to be submitted for independent examination, Guildford Borough Council's leader has said.
The local plan sets out local planning policies and identifies how land is used, determining what will be built where.
The Guildford Local Plan aims to make provision for at least 12,426 new houses in the borough.
Guildford Borough Council has not yet released the full plan it is submitting to the Planning Inspectorate at the time of publication, but Get Surrey has seen the 26-page council document detailing changes from the draft local plan, which was consulted on during the summer. Despite the lack of changes in the document being submitted, Cllr Paul Spooner, leader of the council, still thinks the consultation was worthwhile. He said: "If we look at this process, we have run several consultations now and everyone has had an opportunity to submit comments.
"We have been working with the public and it has been the correct democratic process and consultative process.
"I think it's very important we have enabled people to get involved."
In a statement, Cllr Spooner added: “We have carefully considered the thousands of comments made in 2017 from individuals and organisations. Their feedback has been invaluable in clarifying various details about the significant and minor changes we made to the plan after our consultation in 2016.
"Following this latest feedback, there are no further major changes to the plan that we aim to submit to the Planning Inspectorate. However, it is still vital that strategic partners also complete their supporting transport and other infrastructure projects, so we can deliver the new plan in full and give our residents the great environment, homes and jobs they need.'


30 August 2017

GBC published a summary of responses and next steps.





21 July 2017


The parish council finalised and approved its response to the Guildford Local Plan Consultation at the council meeting on the 17 July.  Follow the link to read the approved response

8 June 2017 


Dear Sir or Madam

Targeted consultation on Guildford Borough Council’s Proposed Submission Local Plan (2017)

You are invited to take part in the targeted consultation on Guildford Borough Council’s Proposed Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites (2017). 

During the targeted consultation, we will only be asking for comments about the proposed changes to the plan. These will be clearly shown in the updated plan documents through tracked changes, along with summaries that highlight the changes in each policy. We will submit all of last year's consultation comments to the independent Planning Inspector, along with the responses to this summer's targeted regulation 19 consultation about the proposed changes.

The consultation runs from 12 noon on Friday 9 June 2017 to 12 noon on Monday 24 July 2017.  During this time, the Proposed Submission Local Plan (2017) will be available to view on our website at at our Millmead office and at local libraries within the borough. 

Public drop-in events

We have organised three public information drop-in events where the Planning Policy Team will be available to clarify the consultation process and copies of documents will be available to view:

  • East Horsley Village Hall - Wednesday 14 June 2017 - between 1pm and 8pm
  • Tongham Community Centre - Thursday 15 June 2017 - between 1pm and 8pm
  • Guildford Town Centre at our Council offices at Millmead - Saturday 1 July 2017 -between 10am and 5pm

Ways to submit written comments

If you would like to comment on the changes to the plan, consultation feedback must be provided in writing and ideally via our representation form. Please ensure all comments clearly state and identify which paragraph number or policy they relate to in the Local Plan document.

You can do this in a number of ways:

  • Our preference is that you submit your comments on our online consultation system which can be accessed through
  • email to
  • complete a paper questionnaire or write a letter and send it to: Planning Policy Team, Guildford Borough Council, Millmead House, Millmead, Guildford, GU2 4BB or hand it in at the consultation events.

Please note that verbal comments cannot be taken into consideration.

Looking forward

We will analyse the comments received during the consultation and anticipate submitting the Plan to the Planning Inspectorate for examination at the end of the year.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully, Tracey Coleman

Director of Planning and Regeneration

18 May 2017


The Guildford borough Proposed Submission Local Plan (2017) was approved for consultation by the GBC on 16 May.

Send Parish Council has agreed to use the consultancy services of Tibbalds, (who supported the council in its response to the GBC Local Plan consultation in June 2016) to assist the council in forming its response to the GBC Local Plan consultation, which will run for 6 weeks from 12pm (noon) on Friday 9 June to 12pm (noon) Monday 24 July.

Under this consultation, responses which will be passed to the Inspector, are limited to the changes made to the Local Plan since the previous consultation in June 2016. The parish council will work with Tibbalds to ensure the council response is informed by both planning law and local concerns.

To view the GBC decision and announcement click here.

21 February 2017

GBC Executive approved a timetable for submission of a revised Local Plan to be adopted in December 2018.  There will be a further six week 'targeted' public consultation in June - July 2017. 

Representations from the summer 2016 consultation will be submitted to the planning inspectorate together with any new comments, WHICH SHOULD ONLY RELATE TO CHANGES SINCE THE PREVIOUS DRAFT.  Such changes will be highlighted in the draft documentation.

15 July 2016


The parish council's response the the GBC consultation is in two parts: a representation submitted by Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design, the appointed Planning Consultant acting on behalf of Send Parish Council, and the council's own response.

The planning consultants' will formally submit their response to the GBC on Monday 18th July but you can read the Consultants' representations on behalf of Send Parish Council here before then.

The parish council's response can be downloaded by clicking SPC Response Submission - GBC Local Plan Strategies and Sites June 2016.

28 June 2016


Please remember:

There are a number of resident action groups in Send and the surounding villages which also provide resident focused information on local sites and how to respond to the GBC Local Plan.

The GGG website contains useful summaries of their point of view on the plan policies and can be accessed here.

14 June 2016


On Tuesday, 14 June, Send Parish Council held a GBC Local Plan Awareness Meeting in the Lancaster Hall. The Send Borough Councillors, Susan Parker and Mike Hurdle, as well as the Guildford Borough Council Leader, Paul Spooner and his Deputy, Matt Furniss, took the opportunity to address the meeting. This was followed by a Q&A session and many residents voiced their concerns and posed questions to Cllrs Spooner and Furniss.

The parish council provided residents who attended with a takeaway information pack which highlights some of the issues facing Send and can be used as an aid to navigate the Local Plan document. This pack is available to download from this website.

GBC Local Plan - SPC Takeaway for Residents 14 June 2016.pdf

6 June 2016


Dear Sir or Madam

Have your say on the borough’s future

Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 - Regulation 19

You are invited to take part in the consultation on Guildford Borough Council’s Proposed Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites. I am contacting you because you have previously indicated that you would like to receive notifications about the emerging Local Plan, or have been involved in one of our previous consultations.

This Proposed Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites sets out the vision for the whole borough and the Council’s approach to development up to 2033. When adopted the plan will play an important role in shaping the borough’s future – how our town and villages develop, protecting and enhancing our natural environment, developing our local economy, improving leisure and visitor facilities, addressing transport and infrastructure needs and supporting more sustainable forms of travel. 

The Proposed Submission Local Plan follows on from previous consultations held on the Council’s Issues and Options document (2013) and Draft Local Plan (2014). We are keen to share the Proposed Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites with you, to show you how our plans have progressed and hear any comments you may have. The six-week consultation runs from 12 noon on Monday 6 June 2016 to 11:59pm on Monday 18 July 2016.  The Proposed Submission Local Plan: strategy and sites, supporting documents and key evidence will be available to view on our website at, at our Millmead office in Guildford and at local libraries within the borough.  Further information, including details of the drop-in events, is available on our website

If you would like to comment on the plan please complete the online questionnaire by following the link from Alternatively, you can let us know your views by emailing, completing a paper questionnaire or writing to: Planning Policy, Guildford Borough Council, Millmead House, Millmead, Guildford, Surrey GU2 4BB. Paper copies of the form are available from the Council’s Millmead office reception, local libraries, at the drop-in events or by phoning 01483 444471. Please note that verbal or anonymous comments cannot be taken into consideration.

Comments made at this stage will be analysed by the Planning Policy team and also be submitted to the Planning Inspector for consideration as part of the Local Plan examination. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully, 

Neil Taylor

Interim Director of Development

31 May 2016

The GBC Local Plan draft was approved by the full Council on 24 May and will go out to public consultation for 6 weeks from 6 June.  A Newsletter which is being delivered to every household in Send parish gives full details of the potential effect of proposed development on Send. 

SPC is holding an Awareness meeting at 7.30 pm on 14 June in the Lancaster Hall where you can get more information.  Please come along and encourage your friends and neighbours in Send to attend.  Then please send your comments to GBC!​

15 May 2016

A Supplementary Sheet went to the GBC Executive meeting this Wednesday.  It included details of a newly proposed site to replace the previous A43 site at Burnt Comon. 

This new site, which runs along the road to Ripley from the junction with Sendmarsh Road down to the Shell garage and is partly opposite the current housing in Burnt Comon, is for 400 houses and industrial.

This is an increase of 300 houses in the Send area.  Added to the 45 at Tannery Lane and 40 on Send Hill, that is a total of 385 houses i e almost as many as in the draft which was previously so vigorously opposed.

The proposal includes new access on and off the A3 at Burnt Common, which would most likely result in a significant increase in traffic along Send Road.

See details on page 3 and maps at the end

12 May 2016

In January this year, two GBC Councillors atteneded a meeting in the Lancaster Hall during which concerns were raised on the progress of the Local Plan.

In April, a new draft was published.  This contained only 3 sites in Send parish:

For 45 houses in Tannery Lane;

For 100 houses and light industrial use at Burnt Common;

and a NEW SITE - on Send Hill opposite Winds Ridge, for 40 houses and 2 traveller pitches.

This is a total of 185 new houses and is is a signifiant reduction from the 400 houses previously proposed.

However, Send is also to be inset from the Green Belt.  This means that land which would previously have been unlikely to receive planning approval other than in exceptional circumstances could now be at risk of development.

The GBC Executive met last night to go over issues raised by the Executive Advisory Board which had resulted in a number of amendments to the latest draft, and to take comments and questions from members of the public. The full GBC will review the draft before it goes out to a public consultation for 6 weeks, currently scheduled from 6 June. However, Surrey County Council Highways data is still outstanding, which could cause a delay.

At the beginning of June SPC will be putting out a Newsletter with links to the sections of the documentation that are relevant to Send. That Newsletter will be posted to this site.

19 December 2014

The GBC have published the responses to Local Plan Consultation.

You can read the Summary of the Key Themes of the consultation and also view all the responses. The Draft Local Plan was withdrawn following the strong response to the consultation this summer, and a revised Draft Local Plan is expected to be sent for consultation again, in June 2015.

Please note that the responses appear in "date submitted" order, so you may needas published in May 2014. This document, by the consultants GL Hearn, is intended to establish the objectively assessed housing need (OBN) in Guildford. The May 2014 document assessed the need for 652 homes per annum and this revision sets the OBN at 621 to 816

The Revised Draft SHMA can be viewed on the GBC website as well as the summary of the differences between the May and December documents.

It should be noted that this document does not address the contraints of infradtructure which Cllr Stephen Mansbridge confirmed in September 2014, will be considered in the revised Local Plan, as per the latest central government guidance.

26 November 2014 

SPC Chairman issues a response to the GBC press release, thanking all those who responded to the consultation. He welcomes the Council Leader's announcement, and looks forward to more information on the proposed "inset" boundaries for the village.

You can read the full response here.

24 November 2014

The GBC issues a press release confirming that that no site will come forward for development within the green belt, any Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) or area of flood risk unless it has been fully reassessed against the tests set out in the planning practice guidance as amended in October this year.

The GBC is reviewing housing number in light of this guidance and the impact on Send will need to be assessed when the new draft of the local plan is put to consultation in mid 2015.

You can read the full press release here.

30 October 2014

GBC has now published the initial feedback on responses to the last round of consultation. Click here to read it. There are several specific references to Send, and others that include settlements such as ours.

Don't be put off from looking at it.  Lessons must have been learnt from the extremely complicated paperwork for the local plan: this document is only 13 pages long and is clearly laid out.  And it contains much we can take heart from.

A full analysis is due, hopefully by the end of the year.

7 October 2014 - 10.45 pm

We received a very sympathetic hearing to our petition (although it was rejected on the "technical issue" of GBC not being able to dismiss any particular sites until the responses to the last round of consultation have ben fully analysed).  GBC are now acknowledging they must have green belt and infrastructure as "constraints" when taking the Local Plan further.  Strong indication the Wharf Lane traveller site will be dropped from the Plan.  Summary of some general themes from the Plan responses expected within the next two weeks.  There will be a further round of consultation in June/ July 2015 and the final Plan is not now likely to be adopted until 2016.

7 October 2014 - 7.00 pm

SPC's petition calling for a reduction in the proposed development in the parish under the latest draft of the Local Plan will be aired at the GBC meeting in Millmead at 7 pm.  Follow the proceedings via webinair either live or later here.

24 September 2014

Following the end date of 22 September for responses to the Local Plan, GBC has issued the following statement:


2873 residents and stakeholders offered 6,006 responses so far to the draft Plan in its present form and we hope to be able to give you an initial view as to the themes that have emerged within the next 6 weeks. You have expressed understandable concerns about the new proposed housing need number that has emerged from the formula laid down in the Local Plan process and many of you gave strong reasons why not to build on some of the nominated sites under current consideration. We have decided that we will need more time to take full and proper account of all these views which will demand response, and of the constraints that are emerging from the process of bringing together all the various elements of the Plan.  As a result we will seek to extend the current timetable for producing the next revised draft.

The consultation period for the draft Local Plan is therefore being extended to take into account the level of interest.   The volume, quality and wisdom of public response is high and reflects the strong concerns that exist in our communities about the very difficult choices that we are being obliged to make in relation to both sites to build and housing numbers.  We thank you all for the public spirited way in which you have participated in this important process so far.  Your views are an integral part of it and highly important to us.

The planning process requires that we cooperate as fully as we can with our neighbouring Councils in Waverley and Woking in order to arrive at a defensible housing need number for each borough. The final number will also take into account the recently revised Office of National Statistics population projections which reflect population growth and the resulting pressures for new housing this places on all Councils. We will publish the West Surrey Strategic Housing Market Assessment with our own new housing need number well before Christmas.

Like most Councils in the South East, we are placed in a difficult position. On the one hand we are being asked to make a proportionate contribution to the national housing shortage, on the other hand 89% of any new land in our Borough is Green Belt. We plan to put forward the strongest possible case for ensuring that we protect our beautiful countryside, acknowledge and act on the constraints, and at the same time satisfy the Planning Inspector that we have done all that could reasonably be expected of us to meet the housing needs of our area. We intend to do our very best to achieve this but we are under no illusions that there are some very difficult choices ahead. We thank everyone engaged in the process for helping us arrive at the best possible outcome for the future of our Borough.

16 September 2014

The Save Send group are holding the third of a series of meeting this Friday in the Lancaster Hall to help those who have yet to forumlate their response.  You can view a copy of Andrew Proctor's talk via the link at right.

15 September 2014

Just a week to go to get your individual responses in to GBC.  Please don't miss the deadline of 22 September!

6 September 2014

Save Send group held a public meeting in the Lancaster Hall with another to follow on Tuesday next.  If you need help to draft your response to the Local Plan, then go along and get some tips and background info.

Send Parish Council's petition to GBC asking them to rethink the amount of proposed development in the parish will be debated on 7 October at GBC's Millmead Council Chamber.  Please come along and offer your moral support; or follow the debate via webinair

19 August 2014

SPC response submitted yesterday contained images and site details and is therefore more informative for those wishing to submit their own individual responses than the text only version.  It can be viewed here

5 August 2014

Visit our new page of photographs of potential development sites here.  These may be useful reference material for residents when submitting their responses.  Use the Contact Us page to let us have more to publish please, especially if you have any of the Burnt Common site.

30 July 2014

Send Parish Council's full response to the Local Plan, as approved at their ECM on 28 July, can be found here.

29 July 2014

We hope local residents feel better informed following Saturday's drop-in session and the GBC presentation last night.  Now it's your turn to Make your Voice Heard please.  Send in your objections before 5 pm on 22 September and make sure you include justifiable planning reasons why you object to any particular proposal.  These would include access problems, flooding, and health and safety issues.

Stephen Mansbridge stated that he intended to "find every reason" to lower the number of planned housing units from 652 p a.  And that there are 2000 more houses in the plan to give GBC optionality.  He also said that the more people write in, the more that would indicate a problematic sight.  Let's fight to get some reductions in the proposed development in this area!

There is still time to sign the Send Parish Council petition (see 21 June below).  The Parish Office has information and materials if you need any further help. Thank you.

22 July 2014

David Burnett of Wharf Lane has set up a very useful blog, which you can find here

So far he has included information about the Wharf Lane potential traveller site and the Tannery Lane sites.  He would welcome help with compiling similar information for the other sites.

19 July 2014

See Home page for details of drop-in session at the Lancaster Hall on 26 July, where there will be information from both Send Parish and Guildford Borough Councils; and the GBC Q&A on 28 July.  We have invited Cllrs Mansbridge and Juneja.

14 July 2014

You should shortly be receiving a leaflet through your letterbox giving lots of info on the Where? What? and When? of the consultation.  In the meantime, you can read a copy here.

Look out for Send Parish Council's stall at the Ripley Event this Saturday 19 July.

1 July 2014

Consultation starts today on the latest version of the GBC Local Plan

However, Swan Lane didn't appear to be geared up to help with info this morning (although you can ask them for a CD of documents or buy a hard copy (soon) for £35. We suggest you wait a while until we can issue further advice on how to review the documentation and valid planning reasons you could put forward to oppose or support local development.  We have some time as the closing date is not until 22 September.

We are planning to issue a leaflet to every household in the village around the middle of the month.  If you could help to distribute copies, please Contact Us.  We will also shortly be making available hard copies of our petition against the amount of proposed development in this area.  This will all take time and planning so please be patient and bear with us while we make the necessary arrangements.

21 June 2014

Save Send petition to GBC

To add your name visit

The Send Parish Council chairman has raised an e-petition on the GBC website, calling for a reduction of the proposed development of Green Belt land in our village and Send Marsh.

If you are in agreement, please sign the petition.

It is worth noting that:
• The petition can be signed by anyone who lives in the borough, not only Send residents.
• Each person in a household should sign it individually if they wish to count as a separate signatory

Please share this with friends and family in the borough who would like to support the village.

17 June 2014

Guildford Borough Council have published their Draft Local Plan for consultation.This Draft Plan will make major changes to both their proposals for the Settlement Boundary and to the sites identified for potential housing development.

ALSO - Guildford Borough Council has now published a brief of work to supplement their Green Belt and Countryside Study – this study identifies some major additonal sites in Send as having potential for development!

Click the links below to view more information on the



The draft of the new Local Plan 2011-2031 is intended to provide the best strategy and mix of development sites in the borough up to 2031. It has been based on Guildford Borough Council’s (G.B.C.) assessed need to build 13,040 new homes in the period – i.e. 652 dwellings a year. We are advised that 89% of the borough consists of Metropolitan Green Belt land and these proposals will take up 2% of that.

The Draft Local Plan will be approved by G.B.C. on the 19th June and comments and representations upon it will then be sought within a 12 week consultation period during July – September 2014.

When the current Draft Plan consultation period ends, G.B.C. aims to prepare a final draft of the Plan for publication in October-December 2014, and following representations upon it, will send the final version for examination by the Planning Inspectorate in March 2015.

These notes are not an endorsement of their proposals, merely a summary of them for your information.


During the consultation period (but not beforehand) all residents may write directly to Guildford Borough Council (G.B.C.) to let them know their views. The Parish Council also needs to prepare its own response, taking account of any comments it has received from residents and we shall probably make the Parish Council’s formal response public at our Council meeting on the 21st July. It will then be put on our web-site ( for information.

Within the consultation period, staff at the G.B.C. centre, 25 Swan Lane, Guildford (for opening times see ) will be available to answer any queries that you may have. We have also asked G.B.C. to arrange a local drop-in event in the Lancaster Hall so that residents may be able to talk face-to-face with members of the planning team involved in this exercise, but we don’t know at this stage whether this will be agreed.

As this hand-out can only be a very brief summary of these proposals and makes no attempt to provide the reasons behind them, you are encouraged to look at the Guildford Borough Council website: yourself for more information.


Small infill developments within the former village boundary

Four infill sites are identified in the Draft Plan:

Large Potential Development Areas outside the former village boundary

The following much larger sites have been identified as Potential Development Areas within 1-5 years:

Areas for housing development:

Policy 78 - Land at Tannery Lane, Send (including Clockbarn Nurseries) (12 hectares). Potential for 215 dwellings.

Policy 79 - Land to east of Aldertons Farm, Send Marsh (6.2 hectares). Potential for 116 dwellings.

Area for mixed development of light industrial, storage distribution and housing:

Policy 77 - Burnt Common Warehouse and land around London Road, Send (13.4 hectares). Potential for 100 dwellings.

Area for offices, research and development and light industrial use:

Policy 70 – Tannery House, Cheriton and land adjacent, Tannery Lane, Send (1.4 hectares)

The following site has also been identified in the Traveller Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (Traveller SHLAA) for development within 6-10 years:

Site 2171 – Garages at Wharf Lane, Send. Potential for 1 pitch.

In addition, G.B.C. has published a Brief for the Green Belt and Countryside Study which identified some additional, very large Potential Development Areas where it was considered there was greatest scope to ‘significantly expand the existing villages’, the villages concerned being Normandy, Flexford, Send and Send Marsh/Burnt Common. Although large areas of local Green Belt land were identified in this brief it should be noted that none of them have been included within the Draft Local Plan.

In total, the increase in new dwellings proposed for this area in the draft Local Plan is 215 (with an estimated population increase of 516) for Send and 216 (with an estimated population increase of 518) for Send Marsh/Burnt Common. As Send and Send Marsh/Burnt Common have current populations of 2,314 and 1,931 respectively, these major developments would increase the total population of the two villages by 22% and 27% respectively in addition to the incoming residents of the now approved new development of 23 houses to be built on the Vision Engineering site in Send Road.

The following maps show the Draft Local Plan proposals for the major Potential Development Areas in the village(s) and its proposals for new ‘Green Belt Insetting’ Settlement boundaries.

You need to make your own views known, and you are urged to take the time to write to G.B.C. directly (see the G.B.C. website or the Parish Council website for the appropriate link). Don’t just leave it to the Parish Council to respond. Your views are important and the number of representations made on the draft Plan may well affect the outcome. If you do nothing, then it could affect your personal situation.

The maps on the right show the Draft Local Plan proposals for the major Potential Development Areas in the village(s) and its proposals for new ‘Green Belt Insetting’ Settlement boundaries.

Page last updated: 11 November, 2017