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The Send Neighbourhood Area was officially designated by the GBC on the 2 July 2015.

Send Neighbourhood Development Plan

Neighbourhood Planning gives communities the opportunity to influence how their local area grows over the next 15 years. It helps preserve the character of the Parish, protect/enhance our environment, and identify any preferred development locations. It does this by deriving neighbourhood policies to guide any future development projects. The Neighbourhood Plan can be used to influence development design, helping it to blend into adjacent areas. It can influence dwelling mix to address any local issues (e.g. shortages of smaller homes for downsizers or new families and the topic of “affordable” housing). Requirements for recreational facilities and the needs of the business community can also be included.

Unlike a local authority’s Local Plan the neighbourhood Plan is not restricted to pure land-use or infrastructure related items and so may include aspirational issues, such as transportation links, highways, preserving our village’s character (e.g. discouraging large house extensions or establishing a bias against development on Green Belt land) and enhancing community facilities (e.g. the Lancaster Hall or flood defences).

Residents Household Survey

If you are a resident of the Parish, the Send Neighbourhood Development Plan Survey, can be completed online by clicking the link below. All responses will be independently analysed by Action in rural Sussex and a report will be made available on the website in the near future.  The link will be available until midnight on the 23 May 2018.

Residents Household Survey Online

Page last updated: 26 April, 2018