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The Send Neighbourhood Development Plan Regulation 14 públic consultation runs from the 8 April to 28 May 2019

Send Neighbourhood Development Plan

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Neighbourhood Planning gives communities the opportunity to influence how their local area grows over the next 15 years. It helps preserve the character of the Parish, protect/enhance our environment, and identify any preferred development locations. It does this by deriving neighbourhood policies to guide any future development projects. The Neighbourhood Development Plan can be used to influence development design, helping it to blend into adjacent areas. It can influence dwelling mix to address any local issues (e.g. shortages of smaller homes for downsizers or new families and the topic of “affordable” housing). Requirements for recreational facilities and the needs of the business community can also be included.

Unlike a local authority’s Local Plan the Neighbourhood Development Plan is not restricted to pure land-use or infrastructure related items and so may include aspirational issues, such as transportation links, highways, preserving our village’s character (e.g. discouraging large house extensions or establishing a bias against development on Green Belt land) and enhancing community facilities (e.g. the Lancaster Hall or flood defences).

Engagement with Local Businesses (July – August 2018) 

As part of the Send Neighbourhood Development Plan (SNDP), the Parish Council and the Working Group would like to engage with all businesses operating from and within Send Parish as well as those working from home. This will help the Neighbourhood Plan team to draw up policies about local business in the parish. The SNDP is all about the community and ensuring that you have a say in shaping the future of our parish. All responses will be treated on a confidential basis. Please click on the link below to complete the 13 question survey, which will only take a few minutes time to complete. The link will be available until midnight 24 August 2018.

SNDP Business Survey

Engaging with Young People (July 2018)

In July 2018, the Send NDP Working Group in collaboration with Send CoE Primary school undertook a short and simple questionnaire with pupils from ages 6-11 years about what they liked about the parish, what they did not like and what they would like to see. 16 completed forms were returned of which; 6 respondents lived in Send, 4 lived in Burnt Common, 2 lived in Send Marsh, 2 in Ripley and 2 in Effingham.

The pupils in nursery also undertook a drawing competition on what they would like to see where they live. Twenty three (23) responses were received from children from the ages of 3 to 5 years. The outcomes of these activities will soon be published in the State of Parish Report

Character Assessment Workshop (June 2018)

A half day workshop was held on Monday 18th June 2018 at the Lancaster Hall on Send Road. The first part of the workshop was to define the purpose and scope of the assessment. 4-6 common character areas were identified during the desktop exercise using parish boundary maps of the built up area. The group was split into 4 area group (depending on attendees interest and  where the live) to go out with their notepads, templates and cameras to the identified common character areas and record all observations including taking pictures – During the field survey the identified key characteristics and features of each character area were recorded on a standardised template/form. Upon return form the walkabout, each character area group summarised its observations to the whole group. The next step was for each group to compile their findings in more details regarding desk research findings, maps and field record sheets/templates to inform the various classifications and descriptions compiled into the draft report.

The Neighbourhood Plan Survey (April – May 2018)

A parish wide survey was developed and undertaken by Action in rural Sussex working in conjunction with the Send Neighbourhood Plan Working Group working and Send Parish Council as part of the consultation exercise to inform the Send Neighbourhood Plan. The survey was conducted using a questionnaire consisting of both closed and open-ended questions. This mix allows questions to focus on obtaining specific pieces of information tailored at responding to certain issues or themes (closed questions), whilst allowing a degree of freedom in the responses which people provide (open questions).

A total of 1665 paper survey forms were distributed by post on the 23rd April 2018 to each household in Send Parish including pre-paid envelopes for returns. There was also an option to complete the survey online via survey monkey. Residents were asked to complete and return their forms by the 23rd May 2018 which was later extended to 31st May 2018 so that the results could be analysed. The same deadlines applied to those who aimed to complete the survey online.

A total of 353 responses were received to the survey of which 294 were returned by post and 59 59 completed online. This provides the survey with a response rate of 21.2%. Click on the link below for the summary outcome of the survey,

Send NP Survey Report

Please Note: Details you provide in surveys will only be used for purposes connected with the Send Neighbourhood Development Plan. The information you provide will not be passed on to any third parties or used for marketing purposes in accordance with GDPR.

The Send NDP 2019-2034 Regulation 14 Public Consultation (8 April – 29 May 2019)

Send Parish Council is consulting on its Draft Neighbourhood Plan, in accordance with Regulation 14 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.

Copies of the Send Neighbourhood Development Plan and supporting documents are available to view on this website where you can also submit your response using an online questionnaire.

Hard copies of the documentation and response forms are available for inspection at the following places:

  • Lancaster Hall (foyer) Send Road GU23 7EN
  • Astalet Café 155, Send Road GU23 7EZ
  • Send C of E Primary School (for parents) Send Barns Lane GU23 7BS
  • Church Room Send Road GU23 7EU
  • Send Village Club Tannery Lane GU23 7EF
  • The Saddlers Arms Send Marsh Road GU23 6JQ
  • The New Inn Send Road GU23 6JQ

All comments must be received by 5:00pm on Tuesday 28th May 2019

How to submit your comments:

All comments will eventually be publicly available, and identifiable by name and (where applicable) organisation. Please note that any other personal information provided will be processed by Send Parish Council in line the Data Protection Act 1998 and General Data Protection Regulations. Send Parish Council will process your details in relation to this preparation of this document only.

Drop-in Sessions

The Neighbourhood Development Plan Working group will carry out two drop-in sessions where residents and interested parties can view the Plan and ask questions regarding the draft policies.  You are encouraged and most welcome to attend one of the above sessions if you would like further information about the Send NDP

These will be held on:


Send Neighbourhood Development Plan 2019 - 2034 - Draft Regulation 14

Send NDP Character Assessment

Send NDP Green Spaces

Send NDP State of the Parish Report - Draft

Send NDP Regulation 14 Consulation Leaflet

Send NDP Regulation 14 Response Form


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